You will have to pay a fine: All Ukrainians will have their gas checked

Ukrainians may be fined if they move gas mains without specialists and permits, lay electrical cables along the gas pipeline, embed gas pipelines in walls or change gas equipment.

In Ukraine, gas control will be carried out in all apartments. Experts examine gas equipment and domestic networks, detecting violations in almost every home. This is stated in the OBOZ.UA material.

“Statistics say that in every house where domestic gas supply networks are maintained, violations in the operation of gas networks and equipment are detected,” says the Ukrainian Gas Distribution Networks (part of the Naftogaz group).

Ukrainians often carry out work on relocation of gas networks, laying of electrical cables along gas pipelines and replacement of gas equipment without the participation of specialists and the necessary permits. The Gas Distribution Networks company inspected 10.7 thousand multi-storey buildings this year and identified 20 thousand cases of gas leaks at the entrances.

There have been no inspections for years. Gazseti believes that homeowners are responsible for gas communications inside the house (through condominium associations or management companies). Until 2024, the cost of technical maintenance (TO) was not included in the payments. Houses remained almost without necessary maintenance.

Now you have a choice: either make an agreement with any licensed company to perform technical maintenance or not do so and automatically become a customer of Gazseti.

“All apartment partners without existing contracts have automatically joined the Standard Agreement with the GRM Operator, that is, the state has normatively determined that if consumers do not independently choose another service organization, the GRM Operator will insure them,” the company explained.

Payments range from 50 to 5,000 hryvnia per year in 2024. For example, in Fastiv, the average payment for a house on Kiev Street 5 is only 73.42 hryvnia per apartment per year. At the same time, in Boryspil, on Baida-Vishnevetskogo Street 10, the payment for an apartment is 4.7 thousand hryvnia per year. If you divide these amounts by a year, the monthly payments will range from 6 to 391 hryvnia.

The fact is that in Boryspil there are only a few apartments in the building, so the cost of work is shared only between two co-owners. While in Fastov on the street. Kiev building with 210 apartments. The cost of work also depends on the equipment and age of the house.

As I wrote before Focus According to lawyers, there are cases when the supplier demands through the court to recover from the consumer ten thousand hryvnias or even a thousand hryvnias. This is stated in this article Focus “Borrowers without electricity. Who in Ukraine will soon face a power outage.”

Source: Focus


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