Goodbye VLA; Cynthia Rodriguez would leave the TV Azteca morning show, would she be able to enter the competition?

Alex Kaffie destapó la salida de la exalumna de La Academia.
Créditos: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria Alex Kaffie destapó la salida de la exalumna de La Academia.
Créditos: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria
Alex Caffey revealed the departure of a former student from the Academy. Credits: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria

In the last hours of August 8, the entertainment world was in complete shock after a journalist, Alex Caffey confirmed that a handsome driver, Cynthia Rodriguez announces his retirement from the program come on joyleaving a hole almost impossible to fill.

Through his various social networks, the entertainment expert assured that the TV star will return to the morning forums this Thursday, August 11, but only to announce his departure, as he allegedly submitted his resignation letter, as he has “other personal and work plans. .

Photo: Instagram/@cynoficial

Cynthia Rodriguez leaves VLA

A few months later, Cynthia Rodriguez attracted all the attention by announcing that he was going on a long vacation come on joy wants to enjoy a long vacation in order to be able to achieve some personal and couple goals with her boyfriend, Charles Riveraone of the most recognizable singers of our time.

It was May 30 when, in front of all her classmates, the former student of the Academy confirmed that she would be away from the cameras; However, she remained quite active on her social media, sharing pictures of her luxury getaways across Europe and Africa.

Everything points to the fact that during your vacation, Cynthia Rodriguez and Carlos Rivera They got married after a travel agency posted the news on their social media. In addition, Alex Caffey said that the couple is expecting their first child, but so far they have not disclosed any details.

Now, the TV presenter is back in the spotlight after the “Villain of the Show” admitted that he will be saying goodbye to Venga La Alegria in the next few days as he allegedly has “other personal and work plans”.

Cynthia Rodriguez says goodbye to Venga La Alegría. Cynthia Rodriguez de Rivera leaves the Azteca Uno morning show. A former student at La Academia has stepped down as a VLA host because she has other personal and work plans.” , he wrote on his Twitter account.

Photo: Twitter/@Kaffievillano

As expected, the surprise announcement caused a lot of controversy among fans of the show, as some claimed she made the decision to join Televisa, which isn’t all that far-fetched since her husband is one of her most beloved figures. in this television.

On the other hand, some fans have speculated that the decision was made to prioritize her pregnancy and that she might later return to the small screen either in come on joy or some other competing morning show.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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