Lupillo Rivera reveals if Belinda asked him for money to fix her mouth like Nodal

¿Belinda le pidió dinero a Lupillo Rivera?
Créditos: Foto: Captura de pantalla
¿Belinda le pidió dinero a Lupillo Rivera?
Créditos: Foto: Captura de pantalla
Belinda asked Lupillo Rivera for money? Credits: Photo: Screenshot

Since February last year, when Belinda and Christian Nodal They announced that they had ended their romance and your marriage obligationsince then, the blonde has been pointed out as an interested woman who only used her partners for economic benefit.

Since then Belinda didn’t talk about it, it was only during the celebration his 33rd birthday that the singer said that she did not need any man to give herself a life full of luxury, before that her ex-partner Lupillo Rivera revealed whether he financially supported the interpreter “Toad”.

Lupillo Rivera breaks silence on Belinda

During his participation in Program Today Lupillo Rivera agreed to talk about how his relationship with Belinda developed on the economic issue, so in the section “What are you talking aboutthe singer broke the silence.

After the presentation of the video, where Belinda She assures that she does not need a boyfriend to afford luxury, and that, being single, she can do whatever she wants. “Bull Corrido” was interrogated current employees if his ex-girlfriend asked him for some luxury or money, for example Christian Nodal.

“What I can comment about Belinda is that it was a time we had very happily, it ended and everyone goes on with their work, I can’t tell you more details because I don’t like to give details. I have never been in such a position (for her to ask me for money), the truth is that for me Belinda has always been a lady with me, I have always been a gentleman to her, and until then we both stayed, ”said about this Lupillo Rivera.

On the other hand, the singer spoke about empowered women in general, they assured that although men like to see a woman so strong and independent, they will always demand that pampering that a partner can give them.

“All women can work, all women can be empowered all the time, they are the strongest in the world, but I think women always lack this “my love, here I am for everything that is offered to you, are you tired?”, here and we,” I say, “if you’re tired, I’m here to rub your legs,” but until then, let her keep working 100 percent,” Lupillo said.

Will he duet with Nodal?

Without ceasing to touch on the topic of a love break Belinda With Christian Nodal Hoy program reporters interrogated brother Jenny Rivera about whether they could sing a duet with the singer at some point “Here”.

Considering this, Lupillo Rivera did not rule out that at some point he would be able to sing with Christian Nodal Well, if he has one thing, it’s that he’s a professional singer and can meet any artist if they come to an agreement.

“Professionalism has nothing to do with it, if you can get together with any artist, we’re in a better position.” Lupillo Rivera said about the duet with Nodal.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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