Kid Cudi suffered a stroke while in rehab

Rapper, producer and actor Kid Cudi did not hesitate to tell honestly about one of the most terrible episodes in his life that happened six years ago.

In 2016 The music star had to be hospitalized in a rehabilitation center due to severe depression, which has already led to suicidal thoughts. As if that wasn’t enough, just two weeks after being hospitalized, the artist suffered a stroke and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

In conversation with Esquire magazineKid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, succinctly but convincingly described his difficult physical and mental state at the time: “Everything in my life sucked.”- he said in his interview.

After recovering from that incident and returning to his normal life, the translator appeared at an audition for the play “Hero of the Lobby” with Michael Cera in the title role. Though unfortunately he didn’t get the part, Kid Cudi remembers that casting process with great fondness because it made sure he was still in great shape and ready to develop his career as before.

“I proved to myself that I can do it. It was just what I needed at the time. I was happy and knew that my brain was still strong. I didn’t lose my ability after the shit that happened to me,” he celebrated.

Author: Show Business
Source: La Opinion


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