Mariazel, prettier than ever, teaches fashion in a plunging red mini dress.

La conductora cautiva en redes con su belleza y presume el mejor estilo.
The driver conquers the net with his beauty and boasts the best style. Credits: FB @mariazelzel

Mariazel gives fashion classes with his youthful gaze, as he did this Thursday when he showed himself More beautiful than ever in red mini dress from neckline the pronunciation with which she conquered her millions of subscribers on social networks, emphasizing her curvaceous silhouette.

The actress is also very active on her social media, mostly Instagramin which he currently has 3.5 million followers, to whom he constantly agrees with photos and videos of his family life, dancing and of course his appearance, as he showed great style.

Mariazel flaunts in a red mini dress and conquers

The beautiful sports host shared a picture with her fans in which she is captured in a flirtatious image from mini dressa dress that stands out for its design with short puffed sleeves, a square neckline and a double “A” type skirt that accentuated her figure.

Mariazel conquers with her flirty look. Photo: FB @mariazelzel

The host, who has also appeared on shows like “Esta Cañón” with Jordi Rosado and is currently one of TUDN’s favorites, has established himself as an icon on social media. fashionwhich confirms her outfit, in which she paired a red dress with nude sneakers.

Mariazel shared an image on your account facebook and reproduced it in his stories about Instagramto invite her millions of followers to meet her at the exhibition she attends as a representative of an auto parts company, receiving 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

The popularity of the actress also came through participation in a comedy show. “I fall down laughing”held Faizyin which she showed that she was a mistress fashion and she’s been seen wearing the chicest mini outfits that she’s been copying on her social media.

The driver, originally from Spain, shows off his spectacular figure in flirtatious outfits and, above all, teaches fashion courses with her youthful looks that she also boasts of a great body, becoming one of the celebrities spoiled by fans on social media.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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