They attack the Santa Fe clan with a full bottle: this was their reaction

The Santa Fe Clan confronted an attacker during a concert

Pese al incidente, el concierto de Santa Fe Klan se llevó con calma
Despite the incident, the Santa Fe Clan concert went smoothly.

During the concert rapper Santa Fe Clan showed his annoyance because one of the people present at one of his solo concerts, heand threw the bottleso interpreter “That’s how I am” he reacted by scolding his aggressor.

Angel Hair Quesada, real name of the Santa Fe clan, offered a concert in Austin, Texas, USA.everything seemed to go on as usual, the guests sang and danced their songs whenSuddenly, he saw a bottle flying through the air, and the singer’s reaction was to dodge the object..

“Can’t you? Help them”

Nonetheless, The Santa Fe Clan managed to see who the person who threw the bottle at him was and pointed straight at him.. “Calmado cabr**” were his first words to the alleged aggressor. By what he asked to be removed from the concert: “Make it carnal, won’t you? To help them,” exclaimed the rapper.

Subsequently, The Santa Fe Clan tried to leave the stage to chide the subject, but he was stopped by security. Despite this, the rapper kicked the air.

Despite the incident, the Santa Fe Clan concert went smoothly. | Photo: Instagram @santa_fe_klan_473

The moment was captured on video and shared on social media. so the followers of the newly released dad expressed their support for his reaction to such an event. “If you don’t like this guy’s songs, what’s wrong with everyone going to watch their favorite artist, my respects to this guy,” user @miguel01 wrote on his TikTok account.

“There are people who pay dearly for…”

After the event, through their Instagram stories, The Santa Fe Clan apologized to fans for their behavior that night.”Yesterday’s show was very apron…sorry for the disheartening**, I have a lot of respect for my fans.”

Referring to the guy who threw the bottle at him, the singer said that “there are many people who pay dearly for desma**”. Subsequently published a series of videos appreciating that the concert went smoothlyexcept for the bottle incident.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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