Adamari Lopez: “Sometimes I preferred to remain silent, even if others speak”

“Sometimes I prefer to remain silent, even if other people are talking… This was one of the strongest phrases that Adamari Lopez said. in a reflection he shared in a video he uploaded to his Facebook account, in which he also let the imagination run free.

“It is important to be able to reflect on what happened, how to overcome them, how to live them, how to resist them. I believe that Papa Dios, the upbringing that I received in my family, the help of psychologists, who also helped me understand a lot, grow up, preventto forgive yourself and be able to move on.”

Sitting in one of the chairs in the house he shares with Alaya, Adamari began by talking about a concert he had held a few hours earlier.Questions you chose not to answer… Which the? Relationship with Tony Costa, his ex-girlfriend, Evelyn Beltran.and those who doubted what the Spanish dancer said in “La Casa de los Famosos” about the reasons that began to alienate them as a couple.

What did Toni say in Celebrity House? What the fact that Alaya slept in bed with them every night cooled the relationship.

“Many have asked me why I am not talking about some things or circumstances that have happened to me lately that I wanted to protect and I want to share this with you. everything that I am silent or everything that I do not say is for the benefit of my daughterhe assured and continued to speak.

“Many times I have chosen to remain silent, even when other people have their own point of argue what they think happened in a certain way and I have a different vision or a different point of view, I have always preferred to remain silent for the sake of my daughter’s well-being.”.

Before ending the video, Adamari touched on a very sensitive topic such as mental health and the implications it can have on adults.

“What I leave for you to think about is prudence before what you have to face in life, think well, especially for the well-being of your children, talk about something that could harm them. Our children should be our priority at a time when we experience a lot of mental health problems, all that can be said is that children can carry this burden, misunderstand in the future, feel guiltyor think something is wrong, prudence, let’s shut up, and respect our children,” he concluded.

Adamari and Tony separated in May 2021.… Although they became the perfect parents of Alaya, even doing things together, in these relations there is a lot of gray and a lot of unsaid. As reasons for the end and why, Lopez talked about making the decision to continue without his daughter’s father for the sake of his well-being.

This was followed by Costa’s relationship with his current girlfriend, Evelyn Beltran, and some of the things the dancer revealed in “La Casa de los Famosos” about his relationship with his daughter’s, for example, that the couple caught a cold because since Alaya was born, she has been sleeping with them in bed.


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Author: Mandy Friedman
Source: La Opinion


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