Belinda has been compared to the villainess from Dragon Ball Z; this similarity

La cantante es fanática del anime
The singer is an anime fan.Credits: IG @belindapop

Belinda caused astonishment among his over 15.5 million followers Instagramafter comparing yourself with a character from Dragon Ball Z, however, it was not anyone, but one of most controversial villains inside the series. Fans of the artist are perplexed why she chose this particular role, while others agree because of the similarity.

Followers for several years of the singer “Beautiful betrayal“They know that she is an anime fan because she has demonstrated her fanaticism towards these productions on social media several times. The translator, who just turned 33, is a fan Death Note, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Pokemon”and of course, “Dragon Ball” who is very popular among many members of his generation.

Belinda compared herself to the villain from Dragon Ball Z

This Friday the main character “Welcome to Eden”Joined the dynamics in Instagram in which they ask to post a photo of the user and three characters “having their own energy.” To the surprise of many, the actress chose android number 18a Dragon Ball Z character who appears in The Saga of Zelel along with his brother Android number 17. Initially, the woman is one of the villains of the story.

Belinda compared to Android number 18 PHOTO: Special issue

The one known simply as 18 was created by Dr. Red Ribbon, Hero, however, in order to obey his orders, she and her brother kill him and attempt to eliminate goku, just on a whim. In the story, she gets involved in several situations that cause her to start changing her personality, etc.becomes more noble and sensitive thanks to the love of krillinWhich finally married.

By marrying one of the Z fighters, Number 18 starts acting like a human fashionista.who loves money and also shows that she is greedy and stingy. However, her inner child is not lost because he curious and sometimes childish.

Number 18 – Dragon Ball character Photo: Special

Although Belinda did not explain why he chose Number 18, many point out that maybe it’s because of their resemblance as both are blond and have light eyes, besides, the singer also gets rough like the character. It wasn’t the only character he showed because he was also Sunny Starscout from My Little Pony”, YU Poppy from “trolls”, to whom he gave his voice in two films of this saga.

Same way, Belinda shared an image of her latest photo shoot for Skin magazine where she left everyone open-mouthed with her drastic makeover as she changed her hair color to a pink tone and pixie cut, plus she posed in outfits and innovative makeup that made her show off her beauty .

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