They sell a 20-cent coin with the Pyramid of the Sun for 450 thousand pesos with this error

En internet la moneda de 20 centavos de 1960 ha alcanzado un valor de miles de pesos.
On the Internet, a 1960 20 cent coin has reached a value of thousands of pesos.Credits: Special

sale banknotes D coins became profitable activity for many people who have discovered the value of some who stopped circulating a few years ago.

Whether due to some defect, because it special edition or some other function, there coins which have been proposed before 20 thousand pesos or banknotes of the decade 1990 up to 50 thousand pesos.

This science is known as numismaticswhich is engaged in the study of coins and banknotes, as well as payment for copies based on their Unique Traits how are they year launch, weight, material or some detail that distinguishes the work from the rest.

There are coins that are offered in thousands of pesos. | PHOTO: Spec.

What kind of 20-cent coin is sold for 450 thousand pesos?

There is a coin of only 20 cents, the current value of which is exceeds 400 thousand pesos and which is also in high demand with collectors in this district.

And this is what there are coins issued by the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) in earlier times, which attract the attention of some people due to costs they have acquired over time.

This is the case of a 20 cent coin that was placed in appeal in 1943however, appeared over the decades 1970 D 1980.

The coin has minting errors. | PHOTO: Spec.

Its cover shows sun pyramid and according to the site for buying and selling goods online, its cost is 450 thousand pesoswhat makes it special is multiple minting errors.

According to the seller, first group of errors are situated in reverse coin, in its outline and in the number “0”, on its right side there are two hallmarks. Other errors Tags with the letter “C”, in the mouth, leg and claw eagle.

Its cover shows the So pyramid. | PHOTO: Spec.

According to the seller, minimum price this is 350 thousand pesos and Peculiarities the following:

  • Numerous minting errors are clearly visible on the reverse and obverse of the coin.
  • Origin: Mexico
  • Year: 1960
  • Period: United Mexican States
  • Material: Bronze
  • Edge: smooth
  • circle shape
  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Diameter: 28.50mm
  • Thickness: 2.14 mm
  • Reverse: 20 cents TEOTHIHUACAN.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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