Britney Spears lashes out at her dad again, says he tried to kill her during her custody

Britney Spears asegura que su padre intentó matarla durante su tutela
Britney Spears claims her father tried to kill her during her custodyCredits: Instagram @britneyspears

After legal guardianship, in which Britney Spears was under the control of her father for 13 years, since then the singer does not hesitate to talk in detail about cruel treatment of which he became a victim and again attacked his father Jamie Spears claiming that he tried to kill her at a time when he was in charge of her finances, health and career.

Through his Twitter account translator “Toxic” shared audio in which he recalls how they trained as a threesome MRI before she was admitted to a mental health center in early 2019. She accompanied him with messages in which he assured that what his father did “did not make sense.”

“Nothing made sense to me: isolation, nursesblood bottles, constant communication, ”the singer wrote and said that she had thought i had cancer because of the amount of research that was done on her, as they weren’t clear on her either. “The hardest part is knowing that they were just mean and that I really felt like my dad was trying to kill me and I hope he burns in fucking hell.”

“Posting this for the second time because I believe in a world where we all deserve justice! 15 years in the system of covert and manipulative abuse… Just finishing it was never enough for me and never will be! They spoke insultingly to me and punished me for no reason. I believe in consequences. I think I have absolutely nothing to prove about what they did to me. Everything is known! I was hurt and I did absolutely nothing wrong”, he pointed out.

Britney Spears takes on her father. Photo: IG @eonlinebrasil

“They treated me like a fucking dog”

This isn’t the first time the “princess of pop” has spoken out against her family on social media, as she has also spoken out about her father’s abuse on Instagram. In addition, he maintains his stance that he is no longer in contact with his parents after desperate messages from his mother asking for reconciliation.

“Why did you and the family agree and did they treat me like a fucking dog? What makes you so special? What makes your other daughters so special that you treated me less than a dog? Every morning I get up and every night before bed I ask God to give you just 5 minutes of pain that I felt in this place for 4 months. I ask you to burn in hell, I’m sorry, son of a bitch *! ”, The singer wrote.

Britney Spears refuses to reconcile with her mother. Photo: IG @eatpraybritney

“I’m sorry for your pain! I have felt it for years. I love you so much and miss you. Please unblock me so I can talk to you in person! Britney, deep down you know how much I love and miss you.” Weird! I’m sorry for everything that hurt you! ”, – so sent Lynn Spears, along with a photo with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears assured that during her stay in the mental health center she constantly sent her messages asking for help and never received a response: “No one protected me!Mom, accept your apologies and go fuck yourself!. And to all the doctors for fucking my mind… I pray they all burn in hell! Kiss my fucking ass!”

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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