VIDEO | Chiquis Rivera accepts her sexual preferences and says that she likes women, but only 15%.

Chiquis Rivera es una de las estrellas más polémicas del regional mexicano.
Chiquis Rivera is one of the most controversial stars of the Mexican region. Credits: FB @ChiquisOfficial

The new season of Pinky Promise was attended by international celebrities, one of them was Chikis Rivera, she was on Carla Diaz with my colleague remix With whom he recently released a single called “55”, but apart from talking about his work they also revealed some secrets, the grouper star was so comfortable that he did not hesitate to say that he considers himself a little lesbian.

When they talked about platonic love, the late singer’s daughter Jenny Rivera made a splash and mentioned that she was attracted to people of the same gender, but points out that only 15% because the remainder is the percentage that loves men. .

She is the daughter of Jenny Rivera. FB/ChiquisRiveraFans

It all started with the fact that during the game “I never, never” two guests stated that at some point they fantasized about the teacher, Raiksmi explained that he had one that he was in love with because he thought she was a very smart and impressive person, and describe what he thought the teacher was lesbian.

Not even a second passed chiki He reacted to this comment and said that she too would have been blinded by the man, and later stated that she was attracted to a woman. When this moment passed, everything continued normally and this ended the conversation on this topic, but there were those on social networks who criticized her, and others who simply spoke about the freedom with which she treated her words.

“15 percent I’m that, I’m a lesbian, 15 percent you just give me some tequila and imagine that I’m kissing Carla right now,” she said, causing laughter in the studio.

Chiquis Rivera controversy

But chiki what is said about her does not matter to her, she made it clear in the lyrics of the song “Queen Bee”, which also gives the title to her album, since it should be remembered that a member of the Rivera dynasty was involved in several disputes, one of them was alleged romance with Esteban Loaizawho was his mother’s partner when the diva of the group was still alive.

Another of the scandals in which he was involved was his wedding and imminent divorce from Lorenzo Mendezformer vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón, who was mentioned several reasons why they are no longer together, but this does not end there, because now that he has a partner with Emilio Sanchezfamous photographer, several rumors have also been made, the most infamous of which is that they are close to getting married.

Chiquis Rivera’s new partner. IG @emiliosanchez

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Chiquis Rivera proudly wears the Mexico jersey in his style.

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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