From bed: Kendall Jenner paralyzed the network with a cheeky outfit

Fuente: Instagram kendalljenner
Kendall Jenner, Instagram, social networks.Source: Instagram Kendalljenner

Kendall-Jenner, only 26 years old, a beautiful model of the highest paid in the world, working with established brands Teen Vogue, Elle, Givenchy, Chanel, among others, without a doubt, she is a supermodel recognized by celebrities. He has a long history of modeling career.

Previously, Kendall I contend that some of his colleagues and friends simply wanted to go to his house to be on the Kardashian show and therefore take advantage of his fame. So the beautiful model once shared that this situation made her feel uncomfortable and even seemed strange to her.

Beautiful Kendall Jenner posing. Source: Instagram Kendalljenner

kendall, She is very secretive and didn’t even want her personal life to be revealed on the show with her family so none of her love relationships appeared on the show and she made sure the producers honored that deal the way she wanted the person with whom they shared their love relationship with good intentions.

The beauty model is very active in her official social networks, so she has been on her lately Instagram He shared a series of pictures that drove his followers crazy. The photos have received more than 2 million likes and thousands of comments with tenderness and affection for Kendall Jenner.

Model Kendall Jenner. Source: Instagram Kendalljenner

You could see her in the photos. Kendall in various poses, wearing a baggy gray sweater and white underwear underneath. She lay on the bed, smiling and stretching, showing off her beautiful figure and flat stomach. You could see her natural and with her hair down.

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