They filter videos of Lupillo Rivera when he was young and had hair!

Name of Mexican regional singer Lupillo Rivera flooded social media An old video of her rocking her dark hair has surfaced from the depths of the internet. How did the public react? Here we are talking to you.

It was through platforms such as Twitter and Instagram that the video interpreter of topics such as “Big League” and “Suffering Alone” became relevant, in which He is appreciated not only as a younger version, but also for his look, which leaves his mouth open.

It was a video clip with the theme “Judicial Federal”, for which Lupillo Rivera wore the traditional boots, belt and hat typical of the Mexican regional style. However, the attention of Internet users was attracted by the dark hair of the singer.

As expected, reports about his appearance immediately surfaced in the comments section: “This is my Mr. Lupillo Rivera, very handsome”, “Lupillo had hair, so he looked prettier”, and “He looks a lot like his father”.are examples of such responses.

Despite the excitement caused by the audiovisual material, this did not stop attention from the recent statements made by Maieli Alonso in the Rica Famosa Latina program itself. And that’s what The businesswoman assured that “El Toro del Corrido” took Belinda to his home and that her children met with her.

In addition to this, Maeli said that after a long break between quarrels, her relationship with Lupillo Rivera has improved, and they maintain a wonderful friendship: “the war is over“.

• Lupillo Rivera took Belinda to the home of Mayeli Alonso and her children.
• Lupillo Rivera warns those about to pay tribute to Jenny Rivera.
• VIDEO: Lupillo Rivera finally forgets Belinda and honors his sister Jenny Rivera with this tattoo

Author: castle pillar
Source: La Opinion


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