Sebastian Ligarde answers if he has cancer after removing a tumor the size of a golf ball

Actor Sebastian Ligard He was optimistic after undergoing surgery on October 31 to remove a tumor found in his colon, as finally, they confirmed that they tested negative for cancer.

Last October, the actor was remembered for his character “Reminder” on the soap opera Quinceañera, which revealed that two colon tumors had been found during a series of routine examinations; so one of them was filmed first, and the largest one a few weeks later.

This was recalled during an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, to whom he explained that “the tumor was in the caecum, which is the valve that separates the intestines from the large intestine, this is a very dangerous place because the walls are very thin”, but because of its complexity work in this area was fraught with great risks.

“We needed to find an endoscopist surgeon and a gastroenterologist so that they would come together and decide on the type of operation already there. Thank God They were able to remove it completely and sent it to pathologyhe added.

Fortunately, the results confirmed that they did not have cancer, despite the significant size of the tumor.

The results were positive in the sense that no cancerit was a lipoma, the tumor was a lipoma, it was the size of a golf ball. I complicated a few things. Thank God he came back negative (for cancer)Sebastian Ligarde said.

And it was his doctor who assured him that he did not need to do “no examinations before 4 years”, which gives him more hope: “I think we are on the right track,” he noted.

The 68-year-old actor was grateful to his fans for the expressions of love they sent him and the prayers that surrounded him with an aura of positivity, leaving him with very good things.

“I am very grateful to the fans and the public in many parts of the world for so many prayers. In these last five months, my prayers, reflections and thoughts have been very focused on what was happening to me at that moment,” he said.

Destroying theories of estrangement with his daughter, he pointed out that both his family and friends were by his side and constantly called him to find out how he was; although so far he does not communicate with his daughter due to political ideologies.

“My daughter has had cancer herself, she has gone through a very severe melanoma so I have nothing to forgive my daughter for, I love her unconditionally, we can drift apart a bit for personal reasons, that doesn’t mean I don’t love her,” he said.

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