Adamari Lopez invites Chickibaby to her house and dedicates beautiful words to her on Thanksgiving Day.

Puerto Rican host Adamari Lopez, 51, used her Facebook account to share the details of decorating her house for Thanksgiving with her followers, hosting a dinner where she met big friends and various members of his family, such as the little one. Alaya.

Over five minutes long, we listen to Chaparrita de Oro give a motivational message to her honored guests, with which she emphasized the importance of this date.

“Another big day celebration. I always think that this is one of the most special dates and what I love the most because it is an occasion to give thanks and what could be better than to be grateful to family, friends, my precious daughter, whom Papa God sent to me as a precious little a gift to be able to accompany her and enjoy her,” the host of “Hoy Día” can be heard saying at the beginning of her video.

She also said a few words to Chikibaby, a friend of hers whom she met on Hoy Día and who is not having a very good time now because she was fired from the morning air and from Telemundo a few days ago.

“My dear Chickibaby. We’ve had many great moments like this and maybe a few more difficult moments accompanying you, loving you and thankful for letting me be a part of your family and your life, for being Capri’s godmother. , and because I know this, since we met, for the rest of our lives we will be friends, we will be family and we will always be together. Today we celebrate this first Thanksgiving together, but I know there will be many when we also celebrate your triumphs, your accomplishments, your blessings,” the former Tony Costa said before giving way to a prayer uttered by Alaya.

The actress’s house was decorated with two long boards, designed for 18 people, and covered with two green tablecloths, and the chairs on which the diners sat were striking in their transparency.

The table was decorated with various glasses, as well as plates of different sizes and beautiful compositions.

On one side of the dining table, Adamari placed another one, only it was covered with a pink tablecloth, and on it she placed a variety of delicious desserts that were sure to sweeten the day for all her guests.

This is what the dessert table that Adamari Lopez set up in her house looks like (Adamari Lopez/Instagram)
This is what the dessert table that Adamari Lopez set up in her house looks like (Adamari Lopez/Instagram)

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