Carolina Sandoval shows off the innermost corners of her new home during a house tour

49-year-old Venezuelan Carolina Sandoval loves to share the details of her personal life with her fans, but only a few hours ago she showed the innermost corners of her new home in Florida.

Although she had already shown us the decoration of her bedroom, as well as the place where she put her Christmas tree and the garden where she celebrated her last birthday, “La Venenosa” was very jealous and only let us try her. residence because, as you suggested Jomari GoisoExclusive edition: Businesswoman also provided: People.

In an interview given to the aforementioned magazine, the influencer admitted that she loves the details, which is why her friends and friends have a whole experience when they visit her at home.

This is a house full of love. My house, since everyone comes, they always say to me: “Wow, this is super beautiful.” I am very particular about smells. My house smells like Carolina’s house. My home is synonymous with family,” Carolina said.

mother Barbara Camila and Amalia Victoria She bought her new Miami home last summer and has been living in it since June 9th, so over the course of several months she has been making some changes that fit her personality.

“I feel grateful, blessed and lucky, but not because I have a fortune in the bank. People try to show that you have a lot of money when you buy a house. What it takes is a lot of perseverance, patience and a lot of organization to be able to buy a house,” explained a former panelist from Suelta la Sopa.

This house signifies one of her greatest accomplishments as a person, as it was the first one to be wholly owned by her, so she can make and take it apart without fear of the property owner being upset.

“We started seeing houses from 2019, but the pandemic has stopped everything and I am the kind of person who thinks God knows what he is doing. We saw interesting houses. We started looking for prices by area, close to Amalia Victoria School,” said Nick Hernandez’s wife, who spoke about all the trials they had to go through to find their dream home.

She has made various changes since her move, such as to her bedroom, but she has also refurbished the kitchen, added a shower in the pool area, rearranged her closet and wallpapered different walls.

There is no doubt that Carolina Sandoval loves to come home and feel “home sweet home”.

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Source: La Opinion


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