Adamari Lopez defended Shakira with a compelling message to Pique’s new girlfriend, Clara Chia.

What a stir the Puerto Rican Adamari Lopez caused after he defended the singer with all his might Shakira and show your dissatisfaction with the new couple Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia, which would be the third in a dispute between a Colombian and a Spaniard. What did he say? Read on to find out.

The Puerto Rican’s strong message came during a heated debate in which she starred with Andrea Meza on one of the last episodes of the Hoy Día program.

During said exercise, both celebrities defended their position ahead of the controversial split between Shakira and Gerard Pique. Nonetheless, For many, the annoyance that Adamari Lopez felt for the former Miss Universe did not go unnoticed.which seemed to justify the new relationship of the football player.

And precisely in the fact that the main argument of the Puerto Rican woman was the fact that Clara Chia noticed a man who was supposedly still in a relationship. “She knew she was in a relationship, she could wait it out and not agree to date him, instead of agreeing to date a man who is in a 12-year relationship with a woman.”You can hear her clearly annoyed.

O, Andrea Meza denied: “Who ended the relationship? Here we say to a man “no, you are fine, don’t worry if he flirts with you, well, nothing.”

In response, Lopez emphasized that Pique was never freed from guilt because although he was the one who was in the affair with Shakira, the young woman might have preferred to stay out of the way. “I’m not saying that he’s fine, like she is, that is, a woman who enters into a relationship knowing that she has a relationship with another woman is not a husband thief, but this is wrong,” he concluded. .

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Author: Castle Pillar
Source: La Opinion


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