The widow will not share the inheritance with the children Fernando del Solar: “They are not helpless”

yoga instructor Anna FerroThe widow of Fernando del Solar, again spoke in an interview about her repeated disagreements with Ingrid Coronado, the former host of Venga la Alegría, and emphasized the famous legacy after it became known that the Argentine left his two sons. , Luciano and Paolo.

In a conversation with the Ventaneando program, Ferro categorically stated that he did not want to share with Ingrid what Fernando decided to leave her for in his absence, well, he assures that this was his last wish and it should be respected.

“This is what he left him in life, and this must be respected and honored. I have rights like your children, but I also have rights like your wife. And there are other documents that protect me as his wife, this is not only a will, ”said Ferro.

He then provided details of the assets that the host had left to Luciano and Paolo, which would already be in the possession of the little ones.

“She (Ingrid) charged for the apartment I live in. On one side there is an apartment for which she charged this rent, and on the other, a smaller one, at more than 11,000 (pesos), Fer was charged. So they came to an agreement that he was in Mexico City for another child. I don’t feel that they are helpless,” repeated Ferro, convinced that in the last will of the charismatic actor, everyone received fair treatment.

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