Eugenio Derbez admits that he does not like Christmas messages and advises: “Do not waste time in vain.”

Eugenio Derbez He used his social media to share an unusual Christmas message because this time he admitted that he doesn’t like the classic phrases that people use on these dates, so he He asked his followers to use this time to spend more time with their loved ones.

It was through the stories of his official Instagram account that the Mexican actor and comedian reappeared in front of his 18.7 million followers to greet them after the accident he suffered last Augustvideo in which he took the opportunity to confirm that Your shoulder already feels much better.but also make a very special request.

And the fact is that the 61-year-old producer also confessed to his daughter. Aislinn and his wife is a singer alessandra rosaldowho is annoyed by the messages that are often shared these days because they are often repeated.

“I AM I don’t want to say Merry Christmas because it shocks me. that at this time of the year everyone is sending you messages saying the same thing, as if it were copypasta: “Merry Christmas, the best, have an incredible time in the company of your loved ones”, all those things that we have already read – he said.

He continued by pointing out that these are messages that only waste time instead of using it to spend time with family and loved ones.

“I say that people spend a lot of time writing the same what all messages say and a person wastes a lot of time reading the same message after message and responding,” he added.

And he was blunt when he asked his fans not to waste time on social media with messages from celebrities who dedicate themselves to exchanging classic phrases.

“I recommend what I always tell you every Christmas and New Year, don’t waste time on instagram. Don’t waste time looking through messages from actors who tell you things like I tell you, enjoy your family as I am now enjoying,” he said almost at the end of his entry.

With his characteristic sense of humor, he ended the video by asking them to live with his family.

“Everyone who watches this video clip is wrong, they should be with their family, live together, have dinner and not be on Instagram. turn off instagram”, he sentenced.

Author: Rocio Garcia
Source: La Opinion


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