Barbara de Regil recalls her best moments of 2022 in a perfect body and minimal bikinis.

Barbara de Regil He never ceases to amaze his social media followers with the toned silhouette he has at 36, and as further proof, shared a video of the best moments he experienced in 2022 in which he appears. showing off tiny bikinis that show off their curves to the max.

During the past 2022, there have been several cases where the protagonist of the TelevisaUnivisión soap opera “Cabo” caused euphoria on social media, because in them she attracts attention not only with her personality, but also with her physical beauty. She has managed to captivate millions of fans with whom she shares aspects of her professional life as a wife and mother and as a fitness influencer.

And the fact is that not only does she show off bold looks in which she poses in tiny bikinis that reveal her slim silhouette, but she also talks a lot about working out in tight sports shorts that maximize her physical attractiveness.

Some of his most laudatory images were reproduced in a short post posted on his various social media platforms, one of which was Instagram, where the TV star reminisced a bit about what he experienced throughout the year. Although he warned that too many beautiful things happened in his life, so it was impossible to convey them in one minute.

“Every year I love myself more, I love my life, I love my job, I love my family, I love my few friends (a few, but good ones), I love my beautiful days, and I also love my difficult days. Las and I love you so much… 2023 with everything,” was part of the message he accompanied with a series of images in which he was seen exercising, dancing, traveling with his family.

The video, which has over a million views so far, has also generated hundreds of messages in which her fans highlight how impressive she looks in every one of her facets, as well as those who see her as a motivation to train and achieve their goals. This is 2023, which has just begun.

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