Gustavo Adolfo Infante faces criticism after cosmetic surgery and is accused of lack of self-confidence.

A wave of criticism hit Gustavo Adolfo Infante after undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Among the thousand and one criticisms, one of the strongest was that some calling them unsafe.

Infante reported in late 2022 that some “small arrangements“In the face to get 2023 at its best.

And he did not miss the opportunity to broadcast from his channel YouTube conversion process.

It was a process in which blepharoplastyAnd as the driver explained:

“They’re going to cut this whole part of me out here (points to eyelids) They see that I look like a tired Chinese, well, I will no longer look like a tired Chinese, the doctor explained to me, I am very calm, very relieved. The doctor is a surgeon with many years of experience,” the driver shared.

When the intervention was finished, Gustavo Adolfo Infante explained what the procedure he had had was like and detailed the duration of the operation.

“He removed my eyelid. The little thing between the eye and the eyelid hasn’t seen it in years and lasted 10 or 15 minutes. Next Monday we will be back live on all my programs, but now I’m a little inflamed, ”he explained.

In social networks, the operation was divided into two opinions. Some congratulated him for daring to have the aesthetic surgery, assuring him that he got “good results”, while others claimed that he was “handsome”.

Other users insulted him, criticized his decision and compared him to celebrities from the entertainment world.

“Take it as it is, don’t be funny, insecure and certainly ugly”; “You ended up like Origel or La Pinal”; “Deformity of the soul is not eliminated by surgery”; “It was your identity that they had to take away from you”; there were some criticisms of the driver.

The driver is currently working with Grupo Imagen on the Imagen Televisión channel as part of the Sale el Sol program.

Together with Ana Maria, Alvarado leads the column “Pajaros in Alambra” and hosts the program “The Minute that Changed My Destiny”.

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Author: Andrea Espinoza
Source: La Opinion


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