Colin Farrell announces that he is about to begin production on Penguin.

Irish actor Colin Farrell may be nominated for an award Oscar for work on the tape “Banshee of Inisherin”but there is another recent project that has got him very excited: the television series “Penguin”based on the character he played in the movie “Batman” 2022.

In an interview Diversity in time Palm Springs International Film Festival Farrell revealed many details about the series, which features a comic book villain. COLUMBIA REGION: “The only thing I thought about was that I couldn’t explore the character the way I wanted to (in the movie). All this extraordinary work has been done by (makeup artists) Mike Marino D Mike Fontaine and his team, and I thought that was the tip of the iceberg that we shot in six or seven scenes of the film. I was grateful to them, but I wanted more.”

Colin, 46, said working with Marino and Fontaine motivated him again to fight to make the series a reality: “Honestly, any thoughts I had about the extended series were work related. Mike Marino. I just knew that a lot of things needed to be done with the character: age him, rejuvenate him. He’s a genius, Mike, so his work was really an inspiration.” Penguin will begin filming in February and premiere on HBO Max.

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Author: Julio Cortez
Source: La Opinion


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