Laureano Brizuela says neither Bad Bunny nor Maluma will listen to them in the future

Musician and producer Laureano Brizuelaknown as “Angel of Rock”, spoke exclusively to La Opinión and told us about his career, the music that has been made before and what is being done now. The Argentine remembered his musical origins and how it cost him in his native country, Argentinaindulge in rock for not being from the capital. Now think about the music bad rabbit D Malumaamong many other contemporary artists.

Laureano Brizuela He took a firm stand with new artists such as two urban genre singers, of whom he assured, “They won’t be heard in 30 years.” Just as he also remembered the legacy of other people who inspired him throughout his career. Paul McCartney, phyto paes, Charlie Garcia D Ruben bladeeven if it’s salsa.

Brizuela believes the studio makes musicians and producers not social media numbers. He emphatically stated that he could neither cooperate nor reggaeton because not all genres are compatible in their opinion. However, he knew how to navigate diversity as a producer. In fact, throughout his great creative career, he created a wide variety of genres: “Music should only be well made … And this is rarely seen now”sentenced.

During the interview “Angel of Rock” he revisited the concepts of various musical genres and honestly opened his heart by talking about some of the mistakes in his life and career. He also told us about his professional relationship with Manager Menudo, Edgardo Diazand the price of working with a former partner, a famous and successful singer Ednita Nazario.

Trajectory of Laureano Brizuela

He not only devoted himself to protecting rock in spanish for over 50 years, but launched an important career at a historic moment for music in Mexico. At that time the stars dedicated exclusively pop: Timbiriche, Pandora, flans, light and here, too, you can strain Luis Miguel. The Argentine took advantage of this, since one of his outstanding qualities is precisely to make songs that eventually become real hits.

to talent Brizuela adding his acting skills. He said that he is present in various novels and He is a celebrity in the Latin American art scene..

His notorious prison sentence for tax evasion also went around the world in the 80s. Raul Velasco Jr.., his representative at the time, forgot to declare the taxes of some of his performances and this greatly influenced the career and life of the Argentine.

As a result, Laureano spent 4 months in prison. However, after investigation The Inter-American Court of Human Rights found him innocent and demanded compensation. This unfortunate and unfair event became one of the highlights of the television series. Netflix D Telemundo, Luis Miguel series.

Author: Enlai Li Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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