Ninel Conde poses in a mini bikini with pink threads in front of a mirror that reveals her curvaceous curves.

Apparently Ninel Conde She’s ready to keep showing off her curves on social media, especially when she wears tiny clothes that she leaves very little to the imagination of her followers, as happened a few days ago when posed in front of a mirror in a tiny pink bikinimoments that were exhibited by herself.

Known as the “deadly bombón”, the Mexican singer is an expert when it comes to attracting attention, but not only in the musical scenes she performs in, with the many scandals she is involved in due to her failed sentimental relationships, or the grueling legal battle that he had been waging for several years with Giovanni Medina for custody of his son Emmanuel.

However, she has also managed to elicit sighs and glances due to her physical beauty, characterized by the perfect silhouette she displays at every opportunity presented to her on social media, the latter being one of the favorite showcases to show off and share inspirational messages. in social networks. she’s leaving Of course, a positive attitude is always important to move forward despite challenges.

And a good example of this was a hot video that he posted in the story of his Instagram account, in which he appears in front of a mirror model. minimalist bikini made of pink threads and thin straps that surrounded her stately silhouette, leaving little to the imagination of her admirers.

A few seconds recording that was picked up by other social networks like Twitter, the actress also apologized for being absent for a few days, but she was going to go sunbathe and then return to the gym and continue her workouts.

Although it was only a few seconds, the actress also confirmed that at 46, she enjoys one of the most spectacular figures in the art world.

It should be noted that not only is she able to raise her temperature with her tiny clothes, as she reappeared in front of the mirror shortly after, but she now displays a sensual outfit of a top and trousers that exposes her hips.

In addition, the model on the exclusive content platform OnlyFans, who has gained popularity in recent months, also shared a message dedicated to those who are going through difficult times.

“God is testing us, he knows that we will cope with everything, and that is why we should give thanks for every opportunity, for every right decision made and for all the paths that it opens for us,” says the entry, which already has more than 700,000 Views.

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