Grupo Firme’s Edwin Kaz ends infidelity rumors with romantic Valentine’s Day with wife | VIDEO

Now yes Edwin Kazvocalist group of firms, he made us spill honey after texting on Valentine’s Day that he was cheating on his wife. Well, he pampered her like never before at a romantic dinner, and with that, he silenced the gossip that claimed he saw Daisy Anai’s face again.

The mentioned clip was published on the network and together with it made it clear that the relationship of the media couple This was unaffected by the leaked conversations and audio recordings. which allegedly connects the singer with a mysterious woman.

What was Edwin Kaz’s alleged infidelity?

Edwin Kaz’s alleged infidelity to his wife and mother of his children was revealed on social media by the influencer and on his Instagram profile. published a series of audio recordings and screenshots of conversations between the Grupo Firme leader and an unknown woman.

In these audio recordings, the singer does not make any incriminating statements and clarifies that they were only distributed to give credibility to conversations that show more than incriminating lyrics.

Even, The mysterious woman whom Edwin Kaz allegedly has conversations with revealed that he did have an intimacy with the singer and even gave details of the moment. and some physical details of the Grupo Firme vocalist.

After this controversy, Edwin Kaz chose to remain silent, however, this caused his fans to start speculating about his sentimental and family life, as there was talk of an imminent breakup, however, all these theories were ruled out thanks to the latest publication. Grupo Firme vocalist.

In the pictures published by the Grupo Firme singer, The translator and his wife could be seen having a romantic dinner in the garden of their luxurious home on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Except, Edwin Kaz turned out to be a hopeless romantic when he surprised his children’s mother with a ostentatious pendant chain that apparently had their names written on it.In addition, he also had his own chain, and at the end they sealed the moment with a romantic kiss.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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