Alex Speitzer was the target of criticism for darkening the skin for the character.

mexican actor Alexander Spitzer He became a social media trend after his foray into the historical series and the story of the enigmatic Mexican character Joaquin Murrieta.

But this time, he was smitten after being criticized by an anti-racism organization for appearing with a different skin tone in this Prime Video episode. Given this, the actor came out to meet criticism and explained the reasons why his skin darkened.

Criticism of Alex Speitzer erupted after the premiere of the trailer for La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta, the new Amazon Prime series. who is filming, and in the pictures the actor could be seen with a darker skin tone than hisso the images sparked outrage and hundreds of users attacked the “Dark Desire” actor.

This Alex Speitzer controversy became capital when a movement called “Prieto Power” entered the scene. because on their social media they posted variations of the actor’s skin tone and left a sharp comment full of irony in which they spoke out against Amazon Prime’s actions.

“It’s great that Prime Video has already joined the anti-racist fight: “We want morenos? Well, we paint them!” Thank you for your commitment to end the lack of representation,” was the text written on the Twitter profile of the Poder Prieto movement. which reinforced criticism of Alex Speitzer.

Alex Speitzer responds to criticism

During the premiere of La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta, Alex Speitzer was asked by the press about the criticism of the Poder Prieto movement and the reasons why a black actor did not play him.

However, The actor was nonchalant and, to end speculation, revealed that it was not a racial issue, but a simple characterization issue to make his character realistic.

“It’s good that everyone thinks what they want to think. But I totally disagree, because then they don’t know where the character is from, they don’t know about his history, I tell them that the characters are in 1850, full of earth, exposed to the sun, that’s the answer.”

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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