Karol G admitted to The New York Times that she is in love and Feid could play the lead role.

In an interview he gave Bichota Karol G. journalist Jon Pareles for New York TimesColombian spoke about his new album “Tomorrow will be beautiful”about his collaborations with various artists, including Shakira with the song “TQG” and love, now that the rumors about Feyd were getting stronger and stronger.

“I really thought I wasn’t going to fall in love again. I’m not going to try to build my personal life with anyone. But life just brought someone into my life who makes me feel happy again, so I wanted to share moments with someone else again. It was something new that I learned with this album. I was going to really go crazy for love and everything, and at the end of the album, Now I feel it again.” concluded the Colombian urban singer Carol G. same as presented at the Viña del Mar festival in Chile. on weekends like fade.

“I used to hate him, but now I love him again. So let’s be open to that.”said Karol G on giving herself a chance to feel love again.

Karol G and Feid Resurrect Dating Rumors

For a long time and yet Karol G is wrapping up his $trip Love Tour, there were hints that there was more than friendship between Fade and Karol G. However, he later denied this in an interview. Now what she admitted that she feels love again, new details have come to light.

“I’m very open with this album, and it scares me a little, because I’m not a perfect person,” referring to his album. “Tomorrow will be beautiful.”

The first thing was the house they had recently stayed in. It seems to be a house Karol G in Los Angeles. In the same place Feid made a video promoting the Colombian’s new song with Romeo Santos “X Si Volvemos”.. He was also seen with several robes and rings which he used. bichota at other times too.

Bye Carol G. She was celebrating her birthday with friends wearing a green bikini. It is a color that also defines the Colombian singer.

It’s not to mention that Karol talks about some glasses in the promotion of the video and also puts on the same ones as Feyd.. Nothing concrete yet, but the fact that La Bijota admits she’s already in love is a big step forward. Let’s see if fate gives us reason. In the meantime, we leave you the topic of them together called “Geek”, which has 122 million views on YouTube before closing this post.

Author: Enlai Li Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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