Clara Chia and Gerard Pique have already talked about the wedding, and here’s what he thinks of Shakira’s marriage

Separation Shakira And Gerard Piqué It seemed to be sinking into the past. But now new information has emerged that has opened up old wounds. Well, in the Spanish show it turned out that the ex-football player would talk about the wedding, with which many consider the third in contention, Clara Chia Marty.

While you are reading this, dear readers. It turns out that during the Fiesta program, Emma Garcia from Tele5 was hosting. This information was confirmed by host Monica Vergara.

As Vergara testified, some witnesses Of those who chose to remain anonymous, it was they who revealed the intentions of the lovers to get married. And in the same way, they talked about how they would like their luxurious wedding.

It would have happened in a restaurant located in the upper part of Barcelona, ​​Spain, where they had a very romantic moment full of love.

“All the time they have accomplices of views, only love radiates, they are very in love”, The host announced this to the rest of the panelists present on the show, who said little after being surprised by the news.

Even Vergara showed that the scandalous couple is very tender to each other because they are called love., and at one point in the conversation, he expresses concern about having to speak in public. The moment when the topic of a possible wedding comes up.

“She doesn’t want everything to be revealed, but she wants something very intimate, very personal, from family, and she doesn’t want it to go beyond the news.” added co-author.

What does Shakira think about marriage?

Shakira at some point started talking about walking down the aisle with her former partner. He did it for the 60 Minutes program before the Super Bowl, where he entertained at halftime with Jennifer Lopez. Well, she and Gerard celebrated 12 years of well as the birth of his two children.

“Marriage scares the hell out of me. I don’t want him to see me as his wife, I prefer him to see me as his girlfriend. It’s like a little forbidden fruit. I want him to think that everything is possible depending on the behavior.”

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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