Galilee Montijo: this is how celebrities reacted to the divorce announcement

Huge commotion created by the driver Galilee Montijo after announcing her separation from businessman Fernando Reina, just days after her co-stars Andrea Legarreta and Tania Rincon announced their divorce respectively.

“From the respect and affection that have always characterized our relationship, We want to share that after 11 years of marriage, a few weeks ago we decided to separate and have already filed civil lawsuits.”, reads a statement shared by Guadalajara from her official Instagram account.

Along with his message from Galileo, Montijo revealed that due to the non-public status of his now former partner, he would not make any further statements on the matter. However, he appreciated the support his digital community has been able to give him over the years. “Thank you always for your love and support,” he said.

Here’s How Celebrities Reacted To Galilee Montijo’s Breakup

In an effort to protect her well-being and the well-being of her loved ones, Galilee Montijo has limited comments on her post. However, some celebrities from the artistic environment managed to express their support with touching messages.

So it was with her friend and colleague Andrea Legarreta, who, having recently experienced a similar situation, gave her wise advice: “I love you endlessly, my beautiful queen!! Happy family!! One day at a time.”

For his part, Raul “El Negro” Arais limited himself to writing: “There is nothing to say, if you do not consider yourself your brother!!! I love you,” and Tania Rincón expressed the love and admiration she feels: “I love you very much.

The host of “La Casa de los Famosos” Hector Sandarti shared his best emotions: “Comrade, let it be better for the three of us. I love you and I’m always here for whatever you need.” Similarly, Alma Sero spoke out on the subject with the message: “Best for your family and for you @galileamontijo you are a super woman.”

In addition to this group of celebrities, there were other celebrities who chose to leave a short message or a few emojis to let Galilea Montijo know that they are with her at this difficult moment. This was the case with Lorena Herrera, Luz Elena Gonzalez, Yanet Garcia, Jacqui Bracamontes, Marlene Favela and Consuelo Duval, just to name a few.

Author: Castle Pillar
Source: La Opinion


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