Christina Ricci reveals she was threatened for refusing to film sex scene

The actress caused a huge stir Christina Ricci after the publicity of the bitter pill that happened during the filming of the tape. According to the famous she was threatened for refusing to film the sex scene.

It was during her time on The Look that the celebrity spoke about the change Hollywood has undergone to protect actors in any risky situation; unfortunately, it would be in a completely different era.

“We older actresses talk about it all the time. It’s amazing to see (young people) that they don’t necessarily have to go through what we went through. They might say, “I don’t want to do this sex scene,” “I’m not going to get naked.” They can set limits for themselves that we were never allowed to.”He told the cameras of the program.

Within this framework, Christina Ricci spoke for the first time about the unpleasant experience experienced on the set. Without going into detail about the identity of the tape or its aggressor, the cast stated that after refusing to film the sex scene, someone threatened to sue her.

“He once threatened to sue me because he didn’t want to do this sex scene a certain way. (Things) have really changed and it’s nice to see that.” However, despite the threats she received, Ricci emerged victorious from the situation: “Now this will never happen. I never did. And they didn’t sue me.”

Thankfully, Christina Ricci has put that bitter pill behind her and is now focusing on her success with her role in Yellow Jackets, which earned her an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Author: Castle Pillar
Source: La Opinion


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