Paulina Rubio spoke honestly about the parents of her children: “Maybe I didn’t choose well”

In addition to success on stage, Paulina Rubio She enjoys her love life and motherhood as this facet is usually shared with her followers through her official social media profiles.

Yo No Soy translator Esa Mujer is a mother of two, Andrea Nicholas Vallejo Rubiohis eldest son and Eros Basua Rubiothe smallest he spawned with the Spaniards Nicholas Vallejo-Nagera and Mexican singer Gerardo Bazuarespectively.

As far as this edge is concerned, Paulina Rubio opened up in a chat with Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, whom she told that her children inherited more from her family than from their parents.

“For me, there is something from my father in them, but they are both similar, they are very similar to each other, they are completely different in character, Eros is me, he is a family fire, and Niko is water, he is transparency. , he is good-natured, it’s like Enriqueand Eros is Paulina,” he admitted.

As for the relationship that she had with the parents of the children, Paulina Rubio admitted that they are not the best, and even talked about how she was unlucky in choosing love.

“I may not have chosen the right way, but my mom gave me the tools to stay strong, no matter if I’m wrong.It’s okay, they make you better, it doesn’t matter if you lose, but to win, you have to lose, and to lose, you have to win, ”he said.

Paulina Rubio remembers her mother Susana Dosamantes

During the same conversation, Paulina Rubio recalled the recent death of her mother, Susana Dosamantesand said that she was grateful that she was fortunate enough to spend time with her before her death.

“I imagine she had moments of uncertainty, moments of realizing that you were leaving, God gave us time to say goodbye without knowing it, my mother left like a star, the way she was, with her wake, and this is the only thing i have like reality so i’ll stay with it, you should move on like she wanted, Show This must continue,” he said.

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Author: Fabiola Hinojosa
Source: La Opinion


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