Galilee Montijo dresses up as Paulina Rubio and predicts “the future at night”.

Apart from the controversy over their divorce, Galilea Montijo works and has fun at the same time, because in one of the sections of the Hoi program she dressed up as Paulina Rubio.which heavily criticized the driver for her characterization.

It was in “Canta la palabra” where, besides the actress, all the drivers became “La Chica Dorada” by wearing long blonde wigs, in honor of the singer who was the judge of the confrontation.

At that time, Galilea Montijo sang a different song, but in a hoarse voice, as if trying to imitate the singer “Mio”, which was not well received by those present. “I’m like drag de Poe,” the host said between laughter.

“I love that she is ahead of the ring, that she has hair like my aunt Amanda Miguel, and that she is prettier than me in the morning. I see a future for him, but at night, ”said Paulina Rubio..

Galilee Montijo remembered Paulina Rubio’s first time in “Today”

Both Galilea Montijo and the rest of the team remembered when Paulina Rubio was first on the air 25 years ago.

“You know that we love you, that we are glad for your arrival. How are you. We saw you at the party on Sunday Elton John and with some stars, “- with these words, the host met the translator” I’m not that woman.

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Author: Fabiola Hinojosa
Source: La Opinion


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