Karol G and Feid caught together at Medellin airport

Carol G. He recently said in an interview The newspaper “New York Times so that her heart is full of happiness and that she can assure that she is in love. That after spending two years on bitter drinks due to the lack of love he lived in the past with Anuel A.A.. Now, among all the rumors, a few speculations, and a lot of evidence, La Bijota was caught boarding a private jet at Medellin airport with Feid.

At the end $trip Love Tour, Carol G. He left a restaurant in Spain with tablecloths on his head. They said that at that time fade It was the one that went below. Then there were tests of the articles they shared and which the fans of the singers urban genre they did not go unnoticed. Finally, his own Fercho in that release of the album “Mañana Será Bonito” by La Bichota in Miami They took it for granted that between the two of them: “There is a heart!”

Now Feid and Karol G. were on their own land, in Medellin, Colombia, climbing out of the truck to fly off to an unknown destination.. Remember that the interpreter “Chorrito Pa Las Animas” And “I Ask God” is in the middle of itFerxxo Nitro Jam Underground”. It will start in several US cities and as we see it is on the agenda bichotahe’s probably with the Colombian on a few of those dates.

Carol G. He has no plans to tour this year. He has already said that he wants to study other things and prepare more. Of course, he will give specific concerts. As happened recently in Puerto Rico, where, by the way, Feid was one of their special guests, and the public did not stop asking them for a kiss.

However, it is also true that Carol G. after his last sale in the land that saw the birth his ex Anuel A.A., he hinted that he might go on tour this year. So, as they say, “it will dawn, and we will see.” It’s no secret that if there is something that the interpreter “X if we return” And “TKG” is to work tirelessly.

Author: Enlai Li Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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