The death of Rebecca Jones: novels that marked the life of a Mexican actress

After the death of the first actress rebecca jones, At 65, many of her fans decided to take a look at her life.

Jones has been very quiet about her personal life, but one thing that has stood out for a long time is her relationship with the actor. Alexander Camacho.

In 1979, Rebecca participated in the telenovela Muchacha de Barrio starring Umberto Surita and Ana Martin, but after her, Jones and Humberto began a sentimental relationship that lasted a couple of years.

Four years later Zurita married the Argentine actress Christian Bach. A few years later, Rebecca Jones began a relationship with Alejandro Camacho.

Jones and Camacho

Rebecca Jones and Alejandro Camacho met in 1984. while recording the soap opera La Tración, but they began an official relationship in 1986.

In 1989, the couple had their only son, Maximiliano Camacho.who has always decided to stay away from the public sphere.

At the end of 2022, the actress assured in an interview that He remained married for several years to avoid public ridicule and some scandal.though he was not happy.

actors announced their divorce after 26 years of marriage. but many welcomed that the actors did not make any statements about each other, even when they were separated, they participated in several projects such as soap operas: “Para volver amar” (adaptation of the Colombian telenovela “El ultimo matrimonio feliz”) and ” El Curious case with a dog at midnight.

The death of Rebecca Jones: why the Mexican actress did not want a public funeral

It has always been known that Rebecca Jones She was very careful about the details of her life that she gave out on social networks, as she did not allow everyday life and professional activities to be mixed.

The example is one of her last testaments, because despite the fact that she appreciated all the love that her fans offered her, she decided to only let her closest people say goodbye at a private funeral.

PR specialist Danna Vazquez, in a telephone interview with Hoy, the protagonist of “Cuna de lobos”, “La vida en el espejo” and “To love Again”, asked what his funeral was private with the intention that his only son (the fruit of her marriage to Alejandro Camacho) could see her duel without press harassment.

Author: Andrea Espinoza
Source: La Opinion


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