This was the forum where Chabelo recorded the successful program “En Familia con Chabelo”.

Several generations of Mexicans woke up every Sunday with the program “En Familia con Chabelo”, a broadcast of competitions that for 48 years have entertained children and not so children for several hours of great fun. It was led by Javier Lopez, better known as Chabelo, who died on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

The first broadcast was released on November 26, 1967, and the last one on December 20, 2015, leaving a big gap between the “kuats” and the “country villagers” who were looking forward to Sunday to wake up with their friends. fun games and recommendations of the most popular toys, the hallmark of which is an avalanche.

The program, which was broadcast through Las Estrellas de Televisa, was recorded on one of the forums located on the territory of the TV station in the San Angel district.

The place was able to accommodate over 100 people from the public who had to make an odyssey or wait for courtesies to fulfill their dream of witnessing their favorite show from the stands and, in one of them, even compete and participate in the famous catafix

In addition to having several rows of booths, the famous Forum 2 attracted attention with its colorful decorations and the presence of more than enough space for participants to conduct all sorts of tests.

Although the real protagonist of the program was the public, musical groups were often invited, who left their performance on the record, so the audience did not see them, but behaved as if everything was really live, which is not so.

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