Lele Pons talks about how she copes with obsessive-compulsive disorder every day: “I have to turn off the lights three times”

El Hormiguero host Pablo Motos hosted the popular couple of artists Lele Pons and Guaynaa on his program for the first time. The couple, who took to the Antena 3 space to promote their collaborative album ‘Capitulaciones’, also opened up about their high-profile Miami wedding and their best kept secrets.

During an interview, Pablo Motos asked the couple about how they fell in love, what Guaina replied that he was the one who approached first, and Lele Pons confessed that she didn’t want a relationship at the time. In addition, the moderator emphasized the importance of mental health and Lele Pons has been open about her obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and Tourette syndrome since childhood.

A singer who emphasized the importance of publicly discussing these issues and providing therapy. “I think everyone has something and it’s very important that they talk about it publicly. because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have something; depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder…,” he assured.

The Venezuelan influencer noted that her tics tend to occur more often in one eye, although they can also occur in other parts of the body, and for this reason she tries not to be nervous; He admitted that for this reason he does not offer concerts.

“It can affect my eye, arm, leg, voice… That’s why I never give concerts because I’m very nervous.”he explained.

He also explained that he does things as a threesome, such as turning off the lights three times before going to bed, because if he doesn’t, he thinks something bad might happen to him.

“When we go to bed, I have to turn off the light three times… Mine is more mental than physical. I do things at three for me, if I don’t do it three times, I think something might happen (…) This is something that can be dealt with, it will not go anywhere, but it can be controlled, ”the artist admitted.

Lele Pons thanked her parents, and now husband Guainaa, for their support in her healing process for the mental disorders she lives with and for which she raised her voice to help others.

Author: Genesis Bastidas
Source: La Opinion


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