Mikhail Galustyan received Armenian citizenship

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Ilya Pitalev

Russian comedian and actor Mikhail Galustyan received Armenian citizenship. The showman told News.am about this.

The actor noted that this is a triumph of justice. According to Galustyan, he “went the most honest and correct way, submitted documents and received citizenship.”

When asked about projects in Armenia, the comedian replied that he would like to work in the country, but doubts that his language skills are suitable for this.

“I’ll tell you honestly, Sochi Armenian is different from Yerevan Armenian. Yerevan Armenian, it is very correct, literary, Sochi Armenian, maybe a little bit different. If you understand, then you can wait for other projects”, – said Mikhail Galustyan.

The showman also said that he was going to become one of the first owners of an apartment in a new residential complex that will appear in Yerevan.

Earlier, Russian singer Sergey Lazarev said that he was not going to leave Russia.

Source: Ren


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