Andrea Escalona hit the net because of her mistakes at the funeral of Andres Garcia | VIDEO

Don’s death Andres Garcia forced the various Mexican media outlets to use what little talent they had. How was it with TV program “Today”who had to get rid of practically what they had.

And it was the driver Andrea Escalonawho noticed her several tables as a reporter because she got into a very bad situation when she was trying to cover the funeral of a Mexican film actor.

Well, social media hit her hard for her gaffes during this report, which she set up at Margarita Portillo’s house, where the famous actor was wearing a veil.which is located in Acapulco, Mexico.

It must be remembered that these days in Mexico is Holy Week, and this means holidays for the country, so Mexican television left the recorded programs for these days.

So, unfortunate death Andres Garcia forced them to change their plans, and although not all star presenters could tellthey used some permanent employees, as in the case of Escalona.

Among the main details that were criticized on social media, the daughter of Magda Rodriguez was criticized were her appearance and the outfit in which she appeared at the funeral of Andres Garcia.

Since many fans criticized that “she should at least get her hair done,” In addition, they pointed out that his clothes did not match the place where he worked, and even began to consider this a real disrespect.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, because the harshest criticism came when she tried to act as a reporter. Because it caused a lot of controversy, because in the comments he received, he made sure that he “wants to get more publicity.”

Moreover, since he did not allow his interlocutors to speak, During a conversation with Margherita Portillo, the widow of Andres Garcia, he made various comments and jokes that were “inappropriate” for many. Well, he was going through the passing of the great love of his life, with whom he lived for 25 years.

“Even her colleagues felt sorry for others”, “The opportunity to send another trained driver”, “That completely disrespectful funeral outfit”, “Surely she was sent because she was on vacation in Acapulco and said: “I’m from here.” ‘”, “How far from professional he is” and “He doesn’t know perfection” These are just some of the comments generated by Andrea Escalona’s work covering the funeral of Andres Garcia.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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