Christian Nodal has radically changed his appearance, and therefore he boasted about it in his networks.

Christian Nodal He made us get used to the fact that he always changes his look, but above all he was more focused on tattoos. But this time he surprised us with his drastic change when he ran out of hair.

Just like you’re reading this, about this Nodal did not want to beat around the bush and decided to remove all the hair that he had, which made his fans fall in love with him.

This is how he was seen in his Instagram stories, where the translator of “La siguiente” showed his completely shaved head. And that’s why the tattoos on his face were more visible.

But there was a detail that stood out, and that was the flower, which he placed almost at the beginning of his skull, but near his forehead. Which hasn’t been seen before.

Christian’s addiction to tattoos is well known, he even indicated that he dreams of devoting himself to a full-time tattoo artist. His passion was so great that he would have opened his own tattoo studio, but he cannot visit it constantly due to his many hobbies in music.

For this reason, it is not surprising that new tattoos can be seen on his body from time to time, as he displays them with great pride.

This is the first time the “Adiós Amor” artist has been seen without hair, other times he left it too short, but it was noticeable, so he surprised his fans by making this decision.

Reactions were varied, but most were positive as fans received many compliments.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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