Daisy Anahi recalls an intimate moment with her ex Edwin Kaz when she heard the new single from Grupo Firme | PHOTO

It’s been a few months since Edwin Kazvocalist group of firms And Daisy AnahiThey broke up, but the singer at various times confirmed that he had a good relationship with the mother of his children. It became clear to the latter that support influencers presents a new song to Grupo Firme.

So, the celebrity used her stories on her personal Instagram profile to invite her followers to listen to the song “Kidnapping of Love”, a collaboration between her ex’s band and Tijuana toucans.

To complement this support for the group led by Edwin Kaz, influencers He remembered an intimate and very personal experience with the groupero.

“This song evokes great memories, especially of the journey that was recorded. Christian has his back,” Daisy Anahi wrote along with selfie and with the title of the song, which was supposed to be related to the moment she gave birth to the child she is expecting..

Daisy Anahi supports the new song of Grupo Firme. Credit: Daisy Anahi/Instagram

Edwin Kaz removed women from Instagram to avoid misunderstandings

Edwin Kaz and Daisy Anahi are currently going through a breakup after 13 years of marriage because, according to the singer, the decision was made by his ex, and although the interpreter for “En Tu Perra Vida” repeatedly apologized, it didn’t pay off.

And if that wasn’t enough The Grupo Firme vocalist recently admitted that he deleted several women he follows on Instagram in order not to have problems with anyonebecause he assures that one of the last discussions was related to the last one.

-Daisy Anahi alludes to Edwin Kaz from Grupo Firme after their breakup.

-Edwin Kaz increases muscle volume after separation from Daisy Anahi | VIDEO

-Edwin Kaz asks Daisy Anahi during the concert, “Forgive me, precious little girl.”

Author: Fabiola Hinojosa
Source: La Opinion


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