Fan Cazzu got a tattoo of Christian Nodal’s pregnant partner, here’s how the Argentine reacted!

pregnancy kazzu With Christian Nodal This continues to cause a stir among the fans, as the fans are simply delighted with the arrival of a new member of their family.

In addition to the fact that the famous couple of singers share every minute how they are experiencing their first pregnancy. From hotel photos to much more intimate moments.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Kazzu herself told fans about her intimate life with a Mexican singer and songwriter. And just a couple of days ago, the Argentine trapper shared a very intimate video in which she is seen on top of Nodal in a very intimate position and pretends that they had a relationship.

This, of course, pleases their fans, because they feel very close to the singers, as well as the baby, who is getting closer and closer to the date of his birth.

Such was the fanaticism of the followers of the South American translator, who were ready to do anything to feel part of her life.

As is the case with a fan named Martina, who shared a tattoo made in honor of the interpreter of the “Fly data” through her Instagram account.

Considering this awesome gesture, he asked other users to help tag the singer and he was able to see more of the design, in which his silhouette with his “baby bump” can be seen.

“The love and admiration I have for you is immense and this is a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life Joo. Thank you for making me happy, your music saved my life Kazzu. I love you forever”, Wrote a girl whose photo responded to more than 5,000 people.

“Lots of Love for You”, is the message that Giulietta Emilia Cazzucelli, the name of the singer, dedicated to her fan. In addition, her postcards show that the young woman was also inspired by her style, Well, he has similar tattoos like a spider on his chest and the haircut is the same as Nodal’s girlfriend.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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