In the video, Jared Leto shows how he “transforms” into Choupette, the heroine who conquered the Met Gala.

Meeting Gala 2023 was full of celebrities wearing bright and elegant outfits, but without a doubt Jared Leto It was he who attracted everyone’s attention when he came in the form of Choupette, the mascot of the German designer. Karl Leijerfeldto which the event was dedicated.

Now, in a video he shared on tik takThe 51-year-old actor shows up in a hotel room wearing a cap, only to turn around later and automatically “become” the famous cat, also showing outfits who did he go with after party.

Karl Leijerfeld (died 2019) he was a good friend of Jared, who would soon play him in a movie. A few days ago, the actor posted on his account instagram a video that shows him in a recording studio as he announced he would be returning to the music scene with his rock band 30 seconds to Mars. The new single will be released on May 8 and, curiously, this is the song that plays in the background in the video in which he appears under the name Choupette.

Author: Julio Cortez
Source: La Opinion


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