What is the process like and how many thousands of dollars would Christian Nodal pay to have tattoos removed from his face?

Regional Mexican singer Cristian Nodal said a few days ago that he would wipe the tattoos off his face. so that his son, along with the Argentine hunter Cazzu, can find out what his face looks like without artistic expressions being made.

According to the entertainment program ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’, to know about the facial tattoo removal process and price that Christian Nodal will have to pay to achieve his goal.

According to the program, Nodal has about 10 tattoos, so the artist will have to go through several sessions of laser hair removal. a process that will be accompanied by pain in the skin and thousands of dollars, because it is also expensive.

Surgeon David Jativa told reporter Tanya Charry that Erasing a tattoo involves heating the skin to make the ink disappear. In some cases, even skin grafts are surgically applied.

Currently, there are various techniques for applying a tattoo and erasing it, however, the doctor indicated that there are those that are very difficult to remove.

“Not all tattoos can be removed, especially tattoos that are very thick or have been used to disguise them. Tattoos that are very difficult to remove are neon color tattoos.”said the surgeon.

A health worker commented that when detailing a photo of the regional Mexican singer, it can be seen that he has “very bright” colors, so he believes it can be very difficult to completely get rid of them.

“If you look at pictures of Christian Nodal, he has neon colors on his face, very bright colors, they are much more complex, it is very possible that these tattoos cannot be removed at all.”

David Jativa

Meanwhile, surgeon Tanya Medina assured that removing the tattoo really hurts, even more than when it was done, especially after treatment, because it is a skin burn.

“Yes, it hurts, yes, it worries. Not the process itself, because anesthesia is placed in the tattoo removal area. It’s the burn itself, because we have to get to the second layer of the skin, which is the dermis.”Medina said.

The surgeon emphasized that even if they were erased, the skin would not be the same as before, and that the effects vary depending on each skin and the density of the tattoo.

“It is very important that our Christian Nodal takes great care of sunbathing and stage lighting. You must use sunscreen, even at night for better healing and so that it remains as less noticeable as possible, ”explained Tanya Medina.

How much will Nodal have to pay?

According to Tanya Charry’s research, each tattoo removal session costs between $1,000 and $4,000, so for one session in everything that Christian Nodal has on his face, he would spend several thousand dollars.

Author: Genesis Bastidas
Source: La Opinion


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