Gabriel Soto and the question that made him shudder in front of Irina Baeva

like a few times Gabriel Soto he was speechless in the middle of an interview with his partner Irina Baeva; and this The Mexican actor faced questions from the public that touched his most sensitive fibers.. Here we will tell you what he said.

In their latest appearance on Pinky Promise, the couple were open to discussing various issues in their work and personal lives, thanks to a question-and-answer dynamic from dozens of netizens.

On a varied list of questions, Soto and Baeva ran into risqué topics such as their favorite sexual position and other more serious topics, with their noticeable age difference being one of the most frequently encountered.

On this score, the lovers said that they were calm, because, despite the fact that the actress of Russian origin is 18 years younger than the actor, they have a lot in common: “The truth is that I think that age is something very relative, and I feel that if two people understand each other, it doesn’t matter if one is much older or a little older,” said the famous.

“Irina is very smart, very mature for her age… We like the same thing, we don’t like the explosion, we like being at home more,” added the “Love has come” star.

However, the real bombshell during the interview came when Gabriel Soto received a question that he chose not to answer because it touched a very sensitive chord in him: his mother.

“I will skip it and take a picture. They’re just very… “If you could go back in time and meet your mom for a minute, what would you say to her? Get ready, the Mexican read aloud.

Although for many this question would seem harmless, for Gabriel Soto it represents a difficult stage in his life, which he is not ready to put on public display, especially since it implies his unexpected departure and the fact that he could not live with her over the last few years of life.

Author: Castle Pillar
Source: La Opinion


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