Tini Stoessel shares unpublished photos with Rodrigo De Paul on his birthday

soccer player Rodrigo DePaul celebrates his 30th birthday on May 24 and his girlfriend, Tiny Stesselbegan the celebrations with the publication in social networks of previously unpublished photos of the first year of the relationship.

The ‘La Triple T’ translator used her Instagram stories to leave the footballer a happy birthday, as well as reveal a little more about her intimate life as a couple.

“Happy birthday my dear life. I love you so much!”there was a message that the singer sent to her partner.

The couple has been together since last year, at first the couple was very relaxed about their advances and without having to flaunt everything in a violent way.

Tini was previously in a relationship with singer Sebastian Yatra. Rodrigo DePaul He announced his separation from his wife Camila Homs, with whom he has little Francesca and Bautista. After weeks of speculation, he himself confirmed the end of his marriage. “I have been apart for several months. We love each other very much and we have many attachments, but I am separated,” he said.

Author: Andrea Espinoza
Source: La Opinion


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