Eric Rubin refuses to admit former Timbiriche members have aged

A few weeks after the curtain rises again in Mexico on the musical Vaseline, where the base of singers who participated in the creative work 39 years ago will practically gather again try to please the public In his role as producer, Eric Rubin dismisses the idea that the former members of Timbiriche, who were invited to join the project, have aged.

“Fortunately, we’re doing well. We all took care of ourselves, we saved ourselves. I feel very good, better than ever, and that’s how I see my teammates. Although there is an age difference on stage, it is not felt,” he said.

However, upon confirmation of this Most of the actors in Grease are twice as old as the students whose lives are shown in the hit movie Grease. and what the story is based on, it’s pretty obvious that time has taken its toll on the musical’s cast.

Although it is true that in 1984 actress Julissa and her brother, TV producer Luis de Llano Macedo, perfectly cast the protagonists of a production that lasted months on a billboard, almost four decades later. the recognition this may have among the public is unknown.

Benny Ibarra, Eric Rubin, Diego Schoening, Alix Bauer and Mariana Garza are already half a century old, and their representation of young students may backfire. in an audience that already knows the story. However, the admiration of their fans that they sing and dance can lift the work afloat.

The original Vaseline cast includes Andrea Legarreta, Angelica Weil, Maria León, Kalimba and Yahir, characters who are also far from 20 years old. but whose presence can make a positive contribution to the project.

The musical, which marked an entire generation of the 80s, is scheduled to premiere on July 13 in Mexico City. and the time it will last on stage will be determined by the reaction of the audience.

It is worth noting that it is also planned to move the work to the main cities of Mexico in order to better monetize the project.

Author: Evaristo Lara
Source: La Opinion


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