Erica Buenfil’s voice will appear in a Disney cartoon

About the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of existencemost of them are related to television, Erica Buenfil is a role model for all actresses of her generation because In addition to his talent on the recording forums, he managed to adapt to new communication channels in order to become popular among new generations.

For this reason, Monterrey She is considered the queen of the TikTok platform, where the videos she shares allow her to amass over 16.6 million followers.

And the fact is that the charisma that Buenfil exudes has won him the sympathy of a community that knows what it usually decides to share with it.

Thanks to the connection she’s been able to make with people of all ages, Disney Latin America has decided to hire her to voice one of the characters in a new movie that’s about to hit the screens. with Pixar.

Thus, the soap opera actress can be heard in the body of Gale, the lovable cartoonist and protagonist of the film Elementos, which will be released on the screens on the third weekend of this month.

“Another surprise, a dream come true. Turns out I got a call one day saying we want you to voice a Disney Pixar character. I’m excited about life because I’ll be Gale in the Spanish version of the new Elements movie.
The film is beautiful, divine and tender. My name is Gale and I am a cloud. I hope you don’t miss it because I’m happy to share this moment,” the actress said.


I will be happiest now that Gale is voicing a wonderful character. #soon #22nd of June #Items

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It should be noted that a few days ago on a Youtube program, Erica Buenfil turned to social media when she described the lingerie she wore on the day she met singer Luis Miguel. when they were both young.

Earlier, the actress had already disturbed her fans with a photo shoot that appeared on the network, in which she appeared accompanied by Venezuelan actor Emmanuel Palomares. and they immediately began to flirt romantically, but Monterrey ruled this out completely.

Author: Evaristo Lara
Source: La Opinion


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