Danna Paola postpones concert and her fans chide her for doing it to go on a trip with her boyfriend

The change in the personality of actress and singer Danna Paola is beginning to disturb and even annoy the wide range of fans she has managed to attract. since he resumed his career.

At 27 years old The daughter of Juan José Rivera, a Mexican singer and former member of Grupo Los Caminantes, has managed to transform her image as a Mexican child actress to become an up-and-coming celebrity. very American style.

After spending a couple of years in Spain, where he tried himself in the television series Elite, Dana Paola is back to home country with a different take on the character he wanted to create, but now in the music industry.

Thus, He changed his physique to the point where his fans were initially surprised by how he lost weight to contour his body.

However, As the months go by Many grams discount seems to worry the same followers that earlier they tried to flatter her and even in social networks It is said that the interpreter may have been the victim of some kind of illness or eating disorder.

Actually, late last year, Danna Paola admitted that the success of his music album and concert tour which he organized under the name “XT4S1S Tour”. they were unsettling, causing her to cry inexplicably as well.

“I discover a lot of emotional wounds from years ago that I don’t know why they open up right now while listening to the lyrics and I start crying out of nowhere while hugging this Danna who was very afraid of ‘being. and got a sore throat for keeping something that hurt x “without making any drama,” he noted on his Instagram account.

Hence the cancellation of some of his performances.

Nevertheless, He recently postponed another one until just one day before going on stage, arguing the reasons behind the force majeure.

This caused great discomfort to several people who bought tickets to his show..

The dispute arose because The singer began posting on her social media several photos of herself in the company of her boyfriend Alex Hoyer, ostensibly on a trip and ostensibly healthy. which means a certain contempt for the fulfillment of their work obligations.

Faced with such neglect his own fans are starting to mention that postponements and even cancellations are associated with in fact, the singer does not sell enough tickets for her performancesbecause his fame is going down.

Author: Evaristo Lara
Source: La Opinion


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