Marlene Favela posed from the beach in a Baywatch swimsuit.

Marlene Favela she never ceases to amaze her social media audience with her stunning outfits and the travel destinations she vacations in. Such was the case with his latest Instagram activity, where he not only showcased his latest holiday on the Riviera Maya, but also gifted tacos to his fans. Here we will tell you the details!

From her official profile, the antagonist of the melodrama “Invincible Love” was seen posing very smiling against the sea and dressed in a red swimsuit that reminded the public of the iconic image that Pamela Anderson wore during the “Baywatch” tape.

However, this was not the only detail that caught the public’s attention, as posing in profile for the camera, Marlene Favela exposed the curves that make up her figure. By this, he made it clear that age is just a number, and at 45 he has an enviable silhouette.

“One of the things I love the most is being @bellaseely_’s mother with her. I became a girl again to rediscover the world through her eyes.“Written by the pretty Istrionis to accompany a postcard that also shows her with two well-known characters: Dora the Explorer and The Boot.

Soon her post garnered thousands of “likes” and comments, among which compliments and rare jokes reigned: “My beautiful Marlene”, “God has favorites”, “Amazing body” and “Beautiful,” it says.

It should be noted that the name Marlene Favela has become a trend of recent days, this is due to the grand finale of the melodrama Enduring Love, where she gave life to Columba, responsible for making life impossible for the character played by Angelique Boyer.

Author: Castle Pillar
Source: La Opinion


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