Karol G presents S91 and Fade can’t hide how proud she is

Feid and Karol G are already expressing their love for the four winds. On the afternoon of Thursday, July 13, the Colombian could not restrain herself and He left a strong comment on some Instagram photos of his love.but later he supported the release of her new song titled “S91”.

“Bihota” introduced S91, a song that is very important to her. because he has something that his mother taught his whole family many years ago.

The single made such a splash that in a few minutes after the release it gained thousands of views on YouTube, and 14 hours after the premiere, it has 3 million views.

Feid celebrated the premiere of ‘S91’ by promoting it

Through his Instagram stories, Ferxxo, also known as Karol G’s boyfriend, celebrated the premiere of the song “S91”.

Paisa posted a thumbnail to Spotify, thereby announcing that the single of his beloved is now available on this platform. for the pleasure of the fans.

Screenshot on Instagram: @feid.

Apparently, the gesture didn’t go unnoticed on social media, where fans of both commented on what the Cool 101 translator did after Karol G commented passionately on some of the photos of him wearing a cap that says “Karolina”, her real name.

Messages inside the video

After the official video for “S91” was released, the “Mañana Será Bonito” translator left a snippet on Instagram, accompanied by a numbered message about what she wanted to convey in the video.

“1. Life is full of wolves in sheep’s clothing… but there is ALWAYS something to protect you and fight for you.
2. In order not to win, you need to be the first. Every day we win in a different way, without being “first”.
3. We are all capable of swimming among sharks… it’s a matter of calmness, calmness and self-confidence.
4. When everything is done with love and awareness, sooner or later the result is the same: fullness and with a strong soul, like a panther.— wrote the singer.

He also left another special message encouraging his followers to seek refuge in their faith when they find themselves in difficult situations.

“Ptah: When we are in a difficult, painful, uncomfortable situation, we avoid it, we do not accept it, we resist it, when in fact sometimes we should let go of ourselves just because God, the universe, or what you believe in, has a much better plan🤍 Focus on yourself and your strengths, the rest are things that appear on the road, that when you pass them, they stay there on the road”he concluded.

Who is the song dedicated to?

“S91” is closely related to Psalm 91 of the Bible, which her mother taught her to say when she left home at a young age to shelter her from all evil. on tiktok, Carolina Giraldo shared the emotional reaction of her mother, who did not hold back tears seeing that she included in her video the details of the family faith they have for this prayer.

Through your social networks The singer announced the release of the song a few days ago and said that it is dedicated to her loved ones, to her family, who always accompanied her, to the people she always wanted to protect.

“Pdta: This is dedicated to my FOREVER!”, — he wrote at the end of the message, which said that July 13 — the premiere of the song.
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Author: Genesis Bastidas
Source: La Opinion


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